For those who are regular followers of my corporate IT ramblings and have noticed a dearth of articles recently, let me offer a blatant excuse: I’ve been honored to receive multiple promotions at my current employer. Those promotions have involved building a new team as well as amalgamating additional functional areas and teams. Thus, I’ve been forced to redirect the time I’ve allocated to article posting to establishing these new teams. Secondly, I’ve been mulling over the topic of the current information security challenges facing corporate IT for some time and have struggled to try and capture my perspective to help contribute to the on going cross-industry conversation. I’m still not sure I’ve outlined my thoughts as effectively as I would like but I felt I better get something published in order to get feedback before too much more time passes. Thus, coming next week is my initial attempt to capture this radical change in demand placed on those holding the corporate title of CISO – Chief Information Security Officer.


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